Flower Power

Flower Power

I have been secretly involved in another mammoth project. I realize that I have enough on my plate with the Jane Stickle quilt, my job, my family and all other little projects that “appear” on my sewing pile. But when about a year ago I saw a quilt on a magazine I knew I would some day try my hand at it. It only has 13 blocks but plenty of complexity around them  to make it a huge endeavor.

Each block features a flower pot with a different type of flower. The creator, Jane Zillmer, has her own peculiar interpretation for the colors she uses for each flower; something I did not realize until I started googling their names!!!

I did a little trial before the summer to see if I could do the carnation flower on a scrap of fabric. I appliqued the flower by hand and it didn’t look too bad. After I came back from Spain I got the materials for all the flower pots and started one block…quietly, of course, since I was already making a lot of fuss about wanting to sew the Jane quilt. But soon came the questions, first from my kids followed by my husband. (Is that one of the blocks for your quilt?, what is that for?). So far I kept everyone in the dark, but I think it is now time to come clean and fess up. It is ANOTHER quilt! Right, I said it now!

Here is a sneak preview of the flower pot that will be in each block. It will, of course, be tilted to stand as a diamond and filled with wonderful flowers. Stay tuned for more photos.

Flower power pot