Carnation block - Flower Power

Carnation block – Flower Power

I don’t know much about flowers, but I surely know about carnations. For some reason they remind me of Spain, red carnations that is. I remember seeing them on girls and women dressed up in Andalusian costumes, especially on their hair. It is no coincidence that the first block I attempted was the carnation. I chose red and white, unlike the quilt designer’s brown and blue choices, and although the actual sewing leaves much to be desired, I am quite happy with it. I haven’t been able to finish it as I still need to choose another fabric for a little detail but I have since moved on to other blocks.

Every block is a square measuring 15 inches(38 cms) – quite a different scale to the 5 inch squares for the Jane quilt! Here is a little bit of this block for you to see. I hope to see a progression onto better sewing skills as I carry on with this project.

Carnation detail