Felt flowers and more

I hadn’t planned to work with felt, it just happened. I wanted to replace a frayed flower in a girl’s dress and felt just seemed an easy to work with and durable material. Ana and I bought thick threads, beads and sequins to decorate it. It was sooo easy. Here is a picture of the dress with the original flower on the left and the new one on the right.

vestido dos flores

But one flower led to another, and before we knew it we were planning a crafts project for Ana’s birthday party. We cut the three parts of the flowers beforehand in all different colors, so that each girl could pick and mix. I sewed the beads and sequins in advance too, and all the girls had to do was to choose the colors and sew the blanket stitch around the big shapes. We attached the flowers to elastic bands to use them as hair elastics.

hair flowersgirls flowers

They were a big hit with the girls, most likely because they were involved in the process. Some of the stitching wasn’t perfect but I didn’t see a single one worried about it; they just wanted to have them done so that they could wear them…if only I could have that attitude, right?

In my next post I’ll show you what else I have been doing with felt for Christmas decorations.