Felt birds for Christmas

Felt birds for Christmas

I love Christmas, but I am not one to go crazy with the decorations and lights. We have a Christmas tree (fake, of course) which Pete has just retired and got rid of after years of moaning that it wasn’t up to his standards. We have an advent calendar made out of wood, so we can reuse it every year. Other than that we are pretty low key. But for a while I have been eyeing with envy some pretty birds Laura has in her sewing school’s wall. I am not sure whether she made them herself or got them from someone else, but they are so cute that she keeps them up for the entire year.

While I was buying felt sheets for the hair flowers I knew the time had come to get my own birds. I drew my pattern (3 simple pieces) and used the same beads and sequins as with the flowers. There is not much science to it, and each bird can be different.

Here are the first ones we made, Ana’s with the purple wing and Tomás’s with the yellow. We started off with running stitches but then switched to blanket stitch. We used big beads and small buttons for the eyes.

Anas birdTomas bird

Then I started playing around with the eyes, (ended up using black beads), the wings (changed their direction and left them half sewed so that they were slightly detached from the body), and in some cases I added a bell at the bottom of the bird.

abu birdtwo birds

They are super easy to make, but they take a while. I’m not a big fan of using glue so I sewed all pieces with invisible thread. So now when friends and neighbors give us cookies and pastries we can give them a little something too, cause God knows I can’t bake cookies at all!

I made a bunch of them, so that I can give them as Christmas gifts and people can hang them on their trees. I made a super special one though, one that has three birds and a bell at the end – something I saw on etsy and copied. (I definitely need some help to make my photos more professional looking).

cadena birdscadena birds2