War between two quilts

War between two quilts

What happens when you have two big projects that you know that will take forever to finish? Let me tell you what: they fight! Yes, that’s right, they fight for your attention very much in the same way that your own children do.

I go through spells when I can only think of the Flower Power quilt. I lay all the finished blocks on the rug and mentally plan colors while fantasizing about how much I can get done each month. Then I come up with ridiculous calculations like by the end of next summer I’ll have it all wrapped up and ready to go. Then I stumble on color choices (that’s my number one reason for  getting stuck) and the “other” quilt will jump at me and say “hey, I’m here, and my colors are only four and they are easy to pick”.

war between quilts

With the Jane Stickle quilt I made myself a schedule (don’t you love making lists too?) and I planned to make a block per week. My dad’s precise mathematical skills showed that at that rate the blocks (never mind the scallops, quilting and binding) would be done by November 12th 2018!!! Obviously I had other plans, secret plans, you see. So in my mind I set myself up for making 3 blocks per week and any extras would be a bonus. I love working on this quilt, and seeing the progress, but when the end is so far you need to tackle  smaller projects to get some sense of accomplishment.

Here are some Power Flower blocks I finished recently: the Daisies and the Dahlias.


Dahlia block

And here is my Dear Jane “official tracker” = 66 blocks and counting.

blocks 66