Growth chart

Growth chart

When we were little my dad would measure me and my siblings on a long piece of wallpaper that he would roll when not in use and just stick to the wall to measure us. He would then write down our ages and proceed to compare us three (see his chart down here).

chart closeup

My dad loves numbers, statistics and comparisons. I, on the other hand, do not. Therefore, I have come up with my very own, still empirical but less scientific method of measuring my kids. When I moved to the USA I lost my ability to understand height and weight measurements, so this option lets me see growth without the conversion of feet and inches to centimeters.

My measuring tool is this: the Simplicity pattern 2738.

Patron pijama

A while ago, when my children were little peanuts, I made their first pairs of pijamas, a size 3 for T and a size 4 for A. They were summer ones, and I remember them being so happy at the store and choosing their own fabrics. Since then it has been one after another. I have made summer and winter pijamas for them, with trains, penguins, Cat in the Hat-s, bear footprints, zebra stripes, you name it. And I have used every single pattern size (some more than once) from 3 to 8. EIGHT!

I know that fleece shrinks progressively when you wash it, which is why I make pants and sleeves super long, so that I can extend them the next year. Still, T is walking around with pijamas that finish at his ankles and I just finished Ana’s brand new size-8-pijamas for this winter.

pijama rojo

For a photographic growth chart with pijamas on (all with the same pattern) see below:

pjs tomas

Pjs Ana