A new hobby

A new hobby

“A new hobby” as if I didn’t have enough with all the sewing!

Last November a friend of Ana’s gave her a loom for her birthday. It was a cute set, with three different size looms, plenty of yarn and an instruction booklet. I have never knitted a whole project myself, all I can do is knit rows and rows. But Ana, as persistent as she is, got started right away to make a necklace/scarf with pom poms. I couldn’t believe my eyes; there she was, sitting on the rug, happily working by herself, and that’s the main thing here, by herself!!! no help needed.

Ana knitting

She worked fast and furious, changing colors here and there, and I think that she finished it by the next day or so. Here she is happily wearing the scarf.

Ana scarf

Can you guess what happened next? Tomás wanted to knit too! I took him to the local crafts store and he chose two matching yarns, blue and green to make a scarf for himself. Unfortunately he had trouble with the middle sized loom so the next trip to the store was to buy him knitting needles. You wouldn’t believe these needles: shorter than normal (perfect for him), plasticky and see-through (like a toy!) and laser blue (my kids “in” color right now). The needles I have always known were super long and metallic, these ones are amazing!

To cut a long story short, Tomás struggled with the knitting, which left me to do his scarf for him. I started row after row in the only fashion I know of. Then we all watched a youtube video on how to change color. That worked well (my initial thought had been to cut and tie a knot to change color but apparently there are much neater ways of doing this). Then I knitted rows of green until it was time to change color again and I watched another video of how to get back the thread that you left hanging a while back. It turns out you have to “carry” that other thread with you along the way… I undid the green and started carrying the blue this time.

I have done a lot in what seems like almost no time. I will need some instructions once I’m done with the rows on what to do next. Do I take off the stitches and that’s it? Or should I add tassels? If so, how do I do that? Any ideas out there?