Flower Power update

It has been a month since last time I posted about this quilt, and although it’s still very far from being done there has been some progress.

9 blocks flower power

I took this picture over the Christmas break. Right now, two of those empty blocks are done, two more remaining. You can get an idea of the size of this quilt: it takes up most of our living room floor. Take a look at the latest additions.

-Leaves and berries (the white dots are part of the fabric and not stains. I thought they might look like dew drops):

Leaf and berry

Batchelor’s buttons:

Batchelor buttons



And tulips:

tulips block

To make the tulips pop out a little more I added a line of silky-ish/shiny-ish turquoise blue around the leaves. I think that it adds nicely to the zigzag lines.

tulips detail

Two more blocks to go before we move on to a whole different game with this quilt. There’ll be foundation piecing (tiny triangles) and more appliques. I’ll keep you posted. 😉