A bit annoyed but so relieved

A bit annoyed but so relieved

All 13 blocks of the Flower Power quilt were done, and I had started working on the time-intensive sashings. I knew it was going to take an awful lot of time to piece all those triangles (68 units), but the results would be gorgeous).

all blocks

After making 8 sashings I obviously couldn’t wait to sew them straight away.

Original sashing 2

My pattern stated that the finished size of my blocks was 15 inches square. Mine were a bit over 15 inches but not as long as my sashings. I tried to understand the Math behind all this and went through my usual phase of over-thinking so much that I could no longer process anything. I convinced myself that 15 was the cutsize of my blocks and I trimmed them so. This was done in the evening, when common sense would dictate that I was too tired to cut anything, let alone finished blocks!

original sashing

Next morning I woke up and instantly, with the clarity of dawn, figured out that I had made a huge mistake. Of course the blocks needed to be 15 and a half, so that once sewn they would finish at 15. My sashings did obviously not fit, and adding a quarter inch to each side of my blocks seemed ridiculous.

I was distraught that nothing would fit now, but then I realized that I didn’t have to do the pieced sashings, I could just do a regular sashing and it would be OK. I was mad at myself, but I also saw how this quilt could be done much quicker than before. “Finished is better than perfect” as they say. I am quite relieved at not having to piece all those triangles anymore…. now I can move onto the next step on this quilt.

final sashing

Here are some blocks with the plain sashing. It’s not that bad, right? There is still a lot to go around those blocks so it’s not going to look plain at all. Next time… the applique triangles.