Sewing galore!

My parents are visiting us for a couple of weeks and somehow my mum and I have managed to tackle a bunch of sewing projects, some of which I had put away for months.

First it was a dress that my mum no longer wanted and being yellow (my absolutely favorite color) she gave it to me. It needed taking in a bit so that was project number 1.

Project number 2 was a suit she bought for me in Spain, which fit perfectly, but the pants needed shortening (so typical).


I didn’t waste any time to put the suit on… we had an event at school last Saturday.

Project number 3 took me about 10 minutes to sew and hours to figure out how to finish. It was a top made with the leftover fabric from last summer’s dress. I used my serger to sew the main seams but then didn’t know what to do with the neck line. I remembered that it was tricky to sew a narrow hem, even with starch, so I tried plan B. I could use bias tape to finish it off. The problem was that the bias tape was heavier than the blue fabric. Here’s what it looked like when sewed on.

blue top binding

Then I figured out we could just push the bias tape down and sew it again. That way we could have a nice finished curve and the bias wouldn’t pull down on the other fabric. That did the trick and I felt so clever!

blue top binding2

I have to give credit where it’s due: my mum did most of the altering and hand-sewing, leaving me only the machine sewing, for which I am so grateful. She kept saying we needed to “hilvanar, hilvanar”, which is to baste, whereas I was more keen on “let’s just sew it and see what happens”. She also kept asking where my “hilo de hilvanar” (basting thread) was. I don’t have a special thread for that!!! Do people have that?

Finally I rescued from the depths of my wardrobe a shirt I started over a year ago with fabric Pete bought for me in Japan. Making this shirt was an arduous process from start to finish, so when I tried it on and it was too wide for me I couldn’t face it any more and hid it away.

Japanese top1

But now we were on a roll and things were being mended left and right. The basting thread conversation came up again and in no time we had fixed this shirt too. Now I have all these new things to wear!

Now, before you think that I am exploiting my parents’ visit to get my alterations done, let me say that we also “allow” them to have some free time every now and then (as long as the sewing has been done for the day, that is).

Thanks for reading this very long post. More to come soon…