Two cardigans for the price of one

Two cardigans for the price of one

After my last post, more than a month ago, I have been steadily working on various projects. In the knitting front I finished the wee cardy for the American Girl doll and… drum roll… another even smaller cardigan for Oso, my son’s teddy bear!

First things first, the doll’s cardigan. Here it is in all its glory.


Millie cardigan done

And back:

Millie cardigan back

Please, ignore the fact that she is wearing pijama bottoms with it. 🙂

The cardigan was such a good project to test whether I’ll be able to make my own or not. I used the same pattern for Oso’s cardigan, but it took 3 tries to make it just the right size for him.

Luckily with knitting you can take it with you and pretend you are “present” when you take the kids to the park, so I didn’t mind those false starts that much.

knitting park

It is a bit tight for him, but there’s hope for stretching as he wears it. Oso’s inability to smile is not due to the fact that the cardigan is restricting his blood flow. It’s just the way his face is, but we love him just the same.

Oso cardigan

The stripy yarn makes it look so much more intricate than it really is. I looooove it.