A Christmas skirt

A Christmas skirt

I still remember the days when I thought a Christmas skirt was something you wore to a Christmas party. I had heard of “ugly sweater” parties, so imagine my surprise when a google search informed me that a Christmas skirt was for the tree to wear!!! I didn’t think they were a necessity, but once you know something exists you start noticing it everywhere.

Last year I thought I could make one: velvety, elegant, traditional, and then I came across something much more in my style, a fun applique house-and-trees one. I quickly bought the pattern online but being December I knew it would have been crazy to even try.

Fast forward 7 months and one sunny day in July (I’m guessing it was sunny) I went into a quilt shop to find “Christmas in July”, i.e. holiday fabrics for all good planners like me who want to be prepared ahead of time. I got myself some nice little fabrics and started putting it all together.

Ana helped with the stars:

Xmas skirt stars

Xmas skirt escalera

The pattern couldn’t have been easier to follow. It has you securing the houses and trees right at the end when you do the quilting. I didn’t want to do this, it didn’t seem good enough, so instead I zigzagged around each house, door, window and tree first and then I did the quilting.

xmas skirt ready to quilt

I copied the quilting design (pebbles) from the pattern because it looks like snowflakes. It was quite a lot of snowflakes but I enjoyed it.

snowflake pebbles

Many, many, many pebbles/snowflakes later I was ready to cut and bind:

Xmas skirt snowflakes

The three buttons are large presents with the bows on top – very appropriate – and the binding reminds me of peppermint canes.

xmas skirt finished

Easy project and a nice addition to our Christmas tree. Now I only need to make another skirt for myself!

Xmas skirt arbol