The retro quilt revealed

The retro quilt revealed

The surprise retro quilt is all done and gifted. It was quite a rush in the end to get it finished but it was done in time for Christmas. Here it is in all its glory:

Leonard complete

So the winner of this quilt was Uncle Ian, the Californian. It was custom made to honor his lifestyle and his vehicles. The idea came when he showed us his RV “Leonard” and I thought it would be great to make a quilt to keep there. I was going to write on the borders: “There’s no place like Leonard”, but I ran out of time and the quilt was big enough that it didn’t need any borders. I named it “No place like Leonard” instead and made a label for the back:

Leonard 1

The regular blocks are made out of 9 or 16 squares in retro colors. Then come the “special” blocks. I started off with some old fashioned caravans. I made three of them, a yellow one:

Leonard yellow caravan

A blue one with a paisley quilting design:

Leonard blue caravan

And a “wooden” one with a large squares vintage quilting design:

Leonard wooden caravan

I even sewed on this door knocker I found around:

Leonard wooden detail

Meet Leonard, the RV. This block was the last one to finish and the hardest to make. This is based on an actual photo of Leonard.

Leonard itself

Uncle Ian also drives a huge green car called “honey badger”. Here it is:

Leonard HB car

This photo of Ian’s friends driving it came in real handy:

real honey badger

And here is its unique license plate:

Leonard Honey badger

Of course I had to add a retro VW van and a red mini (I personally love these). I just realized I don’t have a photo of the red mini!!!! Shocking!

Leonard retro van

Ian just sent me the mini photo. I do love this one.

Leonard mini block

Ian’s lifestyle is reflected on the next few blocks too. The California beaches with a hammock:

Leonard hammock

The place where he lives:

Leonard cdm

By the way, my hometown also has three peaks like those, but much bigger. 😉

The camping (this block and the hammock one were drawn by Ana, so basically she is the co-designer of this quilt):

Leonard campsite

And the surfing:

Leonard surf

This quilt is cheerful and I loooove the colors. I hope it brightens up the RV and that it keeps him warm during his Leonard adventures. The back is super soft minky in blue and tangerine orange. Mmmm. A lot of work but it was well worth it.

Leonard back

Leonard full