Quick recap

Quick recap

My sewing machine has been gathering dust and probably feeling neglected. I have been completely away from all sewing, for good reasons (holidays) and not so good ones (work!) 😉

With not so much to report I thought I’d do a recap of current projects and where they’re at.

  1. Flower Power quilt. At one point I even forgot that this quilt existed, as I had put it away in a bag. The strangest thing is that I am close to finishing it now, but that final push is proving elusive. My friend Kate bought me this FMQ book, which really helped me try a few different designs and finish some of the blocks. I just need to find a couple of free days to get into the swing of things again. Five more blocks to quilt plus all borders.FMQ bookFP quilt half quilted
  2. The technicolor galaxy. Piano Keys (block 3) are done. There are only four of them and they were easy and quick.IMG_0952 Funny thing happened when I placed them all on the floor to take the photo and I thought that they were different sizes! Were some of the templates bigger and I hadn’t realized? It turns out the block you put at the bottom just looks bigger but it’s all an optical illusion. I felt rather stupid… It’s not the greatest photo but you can see how the piano keys fit in the quilt.IMG_0987
  3. The Jane Quilt. You may be forgiven if you don’t remember this one, because it has been a while since I last blogged about this. Progress has been slow, with entire months of zero activity, but little by little I have reached some 90 blocks already. The biggest highlight is that I finished a whole row, B. Pretty cool, right? All 13 blocks. This will, I hope, serve as motivation to move along with this humongous quilt.


Can you see the color pattern starting to emerge? I promise I’ll post a picture of the 90 finished blocks soon, where you can see the other two colors too, orange and yellow.

4. The real person (me!) cardigan is happening. I have completed the front and back. Now waiting to hear how to do the buttonhole strip and the sleeves. Maybe I’ll finish it in time for the summer.

So this is it for now. The next couple of weeks will be tough for sewing too, but then there’ll be a huge push…. stay tuned to find out what it is.