Peels, Hexies and Half moons

Peels, Hexies and Half moons

I have been steadily working on my technicolor galaxy and I just recently realized that I am very close to finishing it. Let’s go by parts:

  1. First came the orange peels. These were easy to make, because there is no needle-turn appliqué or reverse appliqué, but rather just raw edge, which is so much easier and faster. The challenge here was to choose the many fabrics you need to make all the peels. For the quilting I went with pebbles all over and nothing on the peels themselves, so they could stand out more.BOM orange peels
  2. Then came the hexies. If I had trouble choosing fabrics for the peels you can probably imagine the pain of choosing 84 fabrics in total for the hexagons? Granted, the fabric you need is tiny pieces, but still. The hexies were new to me; I had never tried English paper piecing before and my first attempt left a lot to be desired. “It’s not your best work, let’s put it that way” said my husband when I showed him this:

BOM hexies 1

(Did you notice the stitching thread and the gaps between the hexagons?) You see, the pattern tells you to glue the fabric backwards, but then when you are trying to connect the hexies together the borders are very stiff. I quickly abandoned this method and went with basting instead.

BOM hexies 2

Ahhh, so much better. I actually enjoyed hand-sewing them a lot and found it to be extremely therapeutical. Here’s the yellow block done:

BOM hexies 3

I had fun fussy-cutting some of them (look at that cute flower!).

3. I eagerly awaited to get to the Half-Moons blocks, because I would be learning a new technique, piece-lique, which allows you to sew curves and circles easily. By just reading the instructions it seemed complicated, but once you watch the video and give it a try it was not too hard and the results are decent. They are just waiting to be quilted now.


I have already started the corners and borders, so there is very little left to do. I am so eager to trim all the blocks and sew them together. It is going to be a huge quilt; I’m already wondering where I’ll put it once it’s done.