Fixing a sippy cup disaster

Fixing a sippy cup disaster

You may remember the Paris bag, which I made about 3 years ago (boy, how time flies) as a request from my mother in law. At the time she had a handbag which she loved and was looking to replace, so she was very specific on the dimensions. We went to buy fabric together and we chose the Paris themed one. For the bottom we just went with a home decorating canvas-type which we didn’t love but which was a good color match.

As it turned out the burgundy fabric ran, not just a bit, but all over. She was carrying her grandson’s sippy cup and it leaked. Here’s what it looked like:

Bolso estropeado1

I suspect that she also used a lot of bleach to make things worse to try to fix it, obviously to no avail.

Bolso estropeado2

Even the straps are bleeding.

So there was only one thing to do if I didn’t want to make another bag from scratch. I had a spare one which I had made with the left over fabric and never gifted it. I dissected it to get rid of the bottom part and proceeded to … be completely confused as to how to attach a new one. I couldn’t believe how much I had forgotten since I first made these bags. Apparently (so says my original post) I had written down detailed instructions and measurements…. well, I don’t know where those went. Luckily having a good for nothing bag meant that I could rip half the seams off and explore.

I used a polka dot burgundy fabric that I once bought for who knows what reason and it matched really well.

Bolso Paris nuevo2

In fact, I think that this bag looks more stylish than ever before and rather chic. Check this out people. A happy accident after all!

Bolso Paris nuevo3

For details on what this bag has (zippers, pockets, magnet closures, etc.) revisit my first post here.

Bolso Paris nuevo1