Small Distractions

Small Distractions

Today I’ll show you a little experiment with dye I had long waited to make. All my American friends had at some point in their lives played with dyes, most of them report having made tie-dye shirts when younger. Alas, even my kids have already done that! I think that it must be an American tradition or something like that. Me? I never had, and I was certainly intrigued.

Do you remember the basket I made at the retreat in March?

basket beige

Someone had mentioned a way to dye the basket so that there was a gradual color change. Last week I came across a whole lot of dyes at my local craft store and bought one. The experiment began:

basket tinte1

Add dye and water and wait a bit. Then continue adding just water and leave. Every time you add more water the resulting color will be less intense. Being my first try I didn’t think it would come out great, but it kind of did. It was awesome.

basket tinte2

Ana also tried her hand at dying. She dumped in the bucket a pair of beige shorts and they came out like this:

Anas dyed shorts

Needless to say we were both thrilled and ready to try new experiments. 🙂

I already found a use in my sewing “room” for the basket.

basket tinte3

More small distractions coming up soon…. stay tuned.