The Circle Skirts

The Circle Skirts

Spring cleaning has its advantages.  All of a sudden I had the urge to purge and tidy my “sewing” closet. I was sick of seeing the same fabrics around and not doing anything with them. For example, a few years ago I bought fabric to make Ana a dress; I was nervous about how it would turn out and I did what I shouldn’t have, a “trial run” with old sheets. As a consequence I never finished the trial run and never started the real dress either.

Now the dress pattern is too small for her and she hardly ever wears dresses anyway, so I went for The Circle Skirt instead, another experiment I hadn’t tried before. I followed the instructions from this website and it was pretty straight forward. I had to cut two semicircles because otherwise half of the skirt would be upside down.

Anas circle skirt1

I found wide elastic in purple, which was lucky and it matched well.

Anas circle skirt

It is such a full skirt, look at how cute it looks.

Anas circle skirt2

So, the next thing was to use up one of the fabrics that Pete brought me back from Japan two years ago. I went for the circle skirt again for myself, but this time I made a waist band instead of the elastic.

I had to do a bit of trickery to fit the whole circle in the fabric, so there is a bit of patching up. You can see the straight line in the photo.

Elena circle skirt

I also had some unexpected trouble sewing the invisible zipper, but I managed in the end. The waistband fit perfectly, which is what happens when you sew for yourself, right?

So, I finished it all off, and took this picture.

Elena circle skirt finished

Imagine my surprise the next day when I put it on and it was too big!!! What??? The waistband was about an inch too big, making it uncomfortable as it kept sliding down to my hips. I guess I had been too concerned with it being too small and when I tried it originally I just made sure I could get in.

My solution: put a little safety pin on the side and nobody will know. I may need to find a better solution for the long run but right now the pin will have to do. 😉