It’s been over a month since I last blogged. I have no big finishes to write about but quite a few bits and bobs.

As part of a swap at the Boston Modern Quilt I made my first ever pincushion. I have a magnetic plasticky pincushion which I love and I didn’t feel the need for another one. However, I have never participated in a swap so I gave it a go. I followed this free tutorial from Noodlehead and was happy with the results.


Lots of pins needed to sew these curves.


And a simple patchwork for the top.


The day of the swap we had the Northampton Modern Quilt Guild visiting us and they also brought pincushions to swap. The table was filled up but the moment I laid my eyes on the hen and chicken I knew I wanted them.


We drew numbers and I may have had some help from fellow quilter Rachel, who traded numbers with me so that I could get the chicks (thank you, Rachel, if you are reading this). And I did!!! I was thrilled. Then I had this fear that my pincushion would be the last one to be picked, but thankfully it wasn’t.

These chickens are awesome and I am actually using them much more than I thought. Now my flat pins are separated from the regular ones. Win-win situation.