Home projects

Home projects

My sister came to visit us in October and she asked for a few things to be done for her house. Last year when I made my Christmas tree skirt she pointed out she didn’t have one, but after seeing mine she kind of wanted one. I did have a whole year to make it and luckily I got started early enough so it would be ready for October.


I used the same pattern again but this time instead of quilting pebbles all over I did swirls. I think I like hers more than mine, and I did consider giving her the old “switcheroo”, but didn’t in the end. It was good practice to sew all those swirls with my free motion foot.


Then she asked for a pillow just like mine, but in different colors. This pattern is from Alyssa Lichner from Pile of Fabric. Easy and fast to put together.


Again, I did a stipple all over and a grid in the center of the flower. The grey background is a must (mine is white and never looks quite clean, even after coming out of the washing machine).

Lastly, she asked for some coasters and by chance I had some lying around that I gave her… She did quite well for herself, don’t you think? I’m scared about what she is going to ask for next year. 😉