I'd rather go blind-less

I’d rather go blind-less

Who hasn’t watched a DIY youtube video and got sucked into a project that was easy and looked fantastic but when you tried it for yourself it turned out to be exactly the opposite?

Well, I seem to be the last victim to this trick. I watched this video on how to sew Roman blinds using the existing plastic blinds you already have on your window. We bought the fabric, we bought the glue and got started right away.


We cut the ladder threads and got rid of most of the slats. We spread them out over the fabric…


and glued the edges down. Now, you were only supposed to glue the parts where the slats end, not the whole border. I did not pay too much attention to this, which meant that later on I would find out that the blind wouldn’t fold properly.

And fairly quickly the blind was done. Only now the bar and thread that pull on the blind to move were somehow on the back and it was very tricky to use them.


Well, you can see the blind is longer than it needs to be; you can also see the bent curtain rod above it (I have just noticed it now!). And since I am pointing out errors let me just say that it is wonky. But I yet have to reveal the worst feature of this blind: it is not lined, so when the light shines through this is what you see:


The Slats!!!!

What else can I say? There is nothing good about these blinds. After we were done with it we realized that we hadn’t used the sewing machine at all! I then searched the internet for how to “seriously” sew Roman blinds and was astounded by how difficult it is to do it the real way. I am thinking of sewing a regular blind using the bent curtain rod above the window. It can’t be that hard, right? Maybe I’ll find another tutorial on youtube. 😉