The Four-Layer-Quilt

The Four-Layer-Quilt

My latest quilt was going to be quick and simple, something I could just rustle up and use.

I wanted to use a pattern from Angela Pingel’s book, Quilters Mixology because I loved the scrappy look of it. Here’s her picture:

I also used scraps (no new fabric, just things I had at home) but I introduced a few changes:

1- Do you see the colorful squares in the middle of the flowers? I made mine solid purple so that the eye could rest a bit (I found hers too distracting).

2- I didn’t want any of the broken petals, only full ones. This meant more empty background space.

3- Because all the broken leaves were gone I thought it might be nice to outline some leaves with thread while quilting. I added three.

4- Lastly, I used 4 layers, top, two layers of batting (white and warm), and a super fluffy and warm back fleece-like fabric. Why, you may ask? When you live in New England and you have to sit through your son’s soccer games, you know you need more than just a coat. As I prepare myself mentally for the spring season to start I know that four layers will keep me warm and toasty. I am just glad that he doesn’t play American football; have you seen the professionals play in snow??? I will never understand that.

Considering the little time I have these days to sew, this quilt was put together quite fast. I am now onto the quilting phase for which I am using perle cotton 5 and also DMC embroidery thread (all SIX strands together!!!). It’s so comforting to sit down to quilt and have this super heavy quilt keeping me warm.

It’s going to puff out a lot with the quilting, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.