New additions to the sewing room

New additions to the sewing room

There are two main changes that have happened in the space that I like to call the “sewing room” or “my office” in the house.

The first one was a much needed new ironing board. The last one was wobbly and made an annoying sound whenever you pressed hard. I treated myself to a huge, stable board, because let’s be honest, I deserve it, and it looks like this.

Problem is that about a day or so after I got it I did this to it:

I swear I didn’t just leave the iron on and forgot about it. As I have since learned, this ironing cover will get marks if you so much as leave the iron on it for three or more seconds. I am not really bothered about it though, life is short!

The other addition is a three-tiered cart. Susan has a really cute turquoise one, which she brings to the sewing retreats. I wanted it so much, but IKEA doesn’t have it in that color anymore and our nearest IKEA is quite far away. But suddenly I saw on Noodlehead’s blog that she got an almost identical one in Target (a white one) and I immediately found out that it was on stock on our closest Target and got it. Look how good it looks!

It’s great to have three trays so that I can have different projects going on at the same time, because we all know that’s what happens to us all.

Am I missing something else in my sewing room? Let me know if you can think of other good ideas.