The BVP Quilt

The BVP Quilt

In the mornings, as I drive in to work, I either listen to the news or to podcasts. One of my favorite podcasts is Tea with BVP, which has been described as “Car Talk meets Second Language Acquisition”. As a language teacher I find this show fascinating, informative and inspiring. It gets me thinking about my classes and fired up before I get to work.

The main host of Tea with BVP is Mr. BVP himself, Bill Van Patten, professor at Michigan State University. He is witty, entertaining and an authority in second language acquisition, and someone I highly respect.

Somehow while listening to the show I got it into my head that I “needed” to make a quilt about it. At first it was just going to be the logo but then I felt that BVP had to be there too.

Given my lack of skills for drawing I searched for all images I could find of him on the web and copied one of them as best I could.

I wanted a retro/comic style, portraying him as a super hero [he saves language classes by educating teachers on the complexities of acquiring a second language]. I embroidered a text-box, and added SLA (Second Language Acquisition) in the way you see POW, or CRASH in cartoons.

If you listen to the podcast then you are already familiar with these ideas.

Ana made me sew pupils in his eyes; she said it looked weird without them. I obliged and, of course, I had to add the cute teacup logo.

The last part was quilting it. I sewed horizontal lines and kept it simple as I didn’t want to distract from an already busy design.

The best part was that I sent it to BVP and not only did he acknowledge it during the podcast but he also posted a photo of himself with the quilt on Twitter. He made my day!

So that you know, there are some real heroes out there, and you might just find them in the most unexpected places.

Here’s an extra mug rug I made for a friend who is also a fan of the show.