My Threads of Resistance piece

My Threads of Resistance piece

You may be familiar with the “Threads of Resistance” exhibition that will premiere at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA on July 15th and then travel around the country.

The call for entries stated that it would feature “work created to protest the Trump administration’s actions and policies” and it gave a list of possible themes, such as the refugee crisis, climate change, education, LGBT rights, immigration, etc.

I was inspired to create a quilt, but my theme was more specific. It dealt with the White House administration taking down the Spanish version or their website shortly after the January 2017 inauguration (website here).

I decided to recreate their site with my own interpretation. I pieced some stars, made the scrappy stripes and framed it with the website and computer icons.

These are the programs I use the most: Word, PowerPoint, Google Chrome and Skype.

For the text-box I changed the original, which read:

[Thank you for your interest in this subject. Stay tuned as we continue to update WHITEHOUSE.GOV.]

My own version is less hopeful and reflects how sad I feel about not only the attack on the Spanish language but also about the disregard for those who do not conform to the English speaking “majority”. Why is speaking Spanish not recognized positively but vilified? What is un-American about speaking a language other than English?

My text reads: “Our Spanish version has gone missing. Stay tuned and try again in four years.”

My quilt was not chosen for the exhibition (more than 550 works were submitted – 45 just from Massachusetts!); however all entries are posted on the Threads of Resistance website and you I encourage you to check out all of them here.

Here’s the completed quilt:

And some details:

Title: Spanish gone missing – Measurements: 40 x 28 inches