Key rings revisited

Key rings revisited

Now that I am off work for the summer I find time to experiment; not only do I sew everyday, I have also tried new recipes and have time to do more things with the kids too.

A few years ago I made some key-rings like these.

I used heavy pellon interfacing and ribbon and was pretty happy with them… until … recently I saw a different type of hardware for key rings and I decided to give it a try.

I made some patchwork ones …

and some one-fabric ones.

You only need small leftover pieces to make them, and I swapped the stiff pellon for regular batting, to make them softer and more flexible. Having this type of hardware makes it easier to put together, as you just need to use pliers to close it all. I also think this silver look seems more professional than the previous black ones.

They were so more-ish I had to keep making them, and of course, the one I made for myself was extra special, featuring a tape-measure ribbon in yellow (my favorite color) and of course, some embroidery, because I can’t get enough of hand-stitching at the moment.

This key ring is totally me!

I have plenty more pieces left, so if you want one made for you just let me know. 🙂