Ellie's baby quilt

Ellie’s baby quilt

The newest addition to our family (my niece Ellie) was born in February. Of course I immediately thought about making her a baby quilt, but I wasn’t sure which pattern to choose from, what colors, what her parents would like. We weren’t planning on seeing her until the summer so I put it out of my mind for a while.

Then we had the Boston Quilt Guild annual sewing retreat and the penny dropped. I saw a quilt that our vice president, Emily, had designed and was close to finishing.

This quilt is ginormous (and absolutely gorgeous – she is so good at choosing colors) but when she explained to us how she made it I knew that it could work as a baby quilt too.

I used neutral colors (as Emily) for the background and scraps of different pinks that I had for the dots. Just like Emily, I cut around the background (behind the dots) to make it softer and lighter.

I added the bottom part because it seemed a bit too small, and it gave me the opportunity to applique Ellie’s name onto it and make it more personal.

For the quilting I sewed straight lines next to the squares and swirls at the bottom and, of course, I backed it with soft minky, my favorite.

The quilt was well received, but I heard that Ellie’s dad won’t put it on the floor because he doesn’t want it to get dirty. Ahhhhh, I keep telling them that a quilt needs to be used. Ellie doesn’t seem to mind though, she looks pretty happy there!