Mexican embroidery

Mexican embroidery

It’s been a while since I last posted as it’s been harder than usual to find time to sew and even harder to photograph or write about it. Since the summer, apart from a big finish (more on that to come), all I have been working on is smaller projects, which is not a bad thing, as you can see results happening quickly.

I will try to post about these little finishes over the next few days/weeks so that I can feel “accomplished” and start focusing on bigger things (like my Jane quilt).

Today’s post is about Tenango embroidery, a type of embroidery done in some parts of Mexico that is colorful, playful and too darn cute. I bought a kit as soon as the Spring semester was done as a reward for surviving yet another Academic Year (if you are a teacher you know years do not start in January!). I knew I would be going to Spain in the summer and I wouldn’t be able to sew in my machine so I needed a hand sewing project to take with me.

This is the kit I bought in craftsy:

It came with an embroidery hoop, a needle, instructions, a pattern printed onto linen and a bunch of yarn balls. I ended up not following the instructions, because they basically told you to do a satin stitch, which is not what Tenango uses.

It was very exciting to sew, and I loved how much the colors pop up.

It was hard to keep it flat and wrinkle free once it was all done, but pressing and starch helped.

I backed it with some linen I had in the house and installed an invisible zipper. I also had to enlarge a pillow form because I couldn’t find any pillow insert with the same dimensions. In the end I was very happy with the results. I would definitely do this one again.

It gives our couch a well needed splash of color.