Swimming Pool Bag

Swimming Pool Bag

Not a very glamorous project but one of those to complete in an hour or so and which gets the job done.

My sister sometimes goes to the swimming pool for a few laps and she takes a plastic bag, yes, you read well, a plastic bag to carry her swimming suit, cap and goggles! This wouldn’t be so bad if the bag was sturdy and not a hundred years old. You can hardly see the words on it (we are talking about a simple carrier bag from a shop).

She asked me if I could make her something a little bit better, so her backpack wouldn’t get all wet. Well, music to my ears; I had some waterproof material that I had used to make snack bags and that would work beautifully for the pool.

I also had a chunky, plastic, lemon-yellow colored zipper which fit the fabric nicely.

Here’s what I came up with:

Not the fanciest of projects, but it serves its purpose. I demanded she threw away the plastic bag immediately.

Here’s it is again, this time in action, holding the pool items.

I was going to include a long loop tag to hold it or to hang the bag from, but completely forgot (I was in a rush to get it done before my sister went back home).

I heard it works well, and now I have a new order for a swimming pool bag from someone else! Word of mouth, I tell you.

Next time… another Japanese skirt.