The last Japanese skirt

The last Japanese skirt

Back in 2014 my husband had to travel to Japan and he came back with some some awesome fabrics.

With the black fabric I made a Chinese style shirt, which sounds great but was not very comfortable to wear.

The red fabric at the bottom was used to make a circle skirt, which I still use and I am happy with. In fact, just the other day a Japanese woman commented that it was kimono fabric and complimented me on making the skirt.

The blue fabric was my favorite of the three so I was scared of cutting into it. It took me three and a half years to take the plunge and I finally decided to go for the true and tested skirt pattern by Kay Whitt from the book Sew Serendipity. This is the third time I use this pattern and the results look quite different every time.

Here’s skirt number one:

And skirt number two:

Skirt number three has solid strips in between the panels and on top of the pockets. Somehow I sewed the invisible zipper one inch below where it should have been, so I had to hand sew a closure hook at the top.

Here it is again. I think it’s now my favorite of the three.