A Big Finish - The Flower Power Quilt

A Big Finish – The Flower Power Quilt

It was in the summer of 2014 when I had the craziest idea to start a huge quilt which I had seen in a magazine. Not only was it huge, it combined various techniques and it was very labor intensive, but that didn’t deter me. Nor did the fact that I had just began the Dear Jane quilt, which was scheduled to take me 4 years or so to complete!!

Re-reading my post from September 2014 I remembered that I had tried to keep it a secret, but these blocks are so big that soon came the questions. I worked on it sometimes ferociously, sometimes sporadically and sometimes not at all.

Once the blocks were done I had the incident where the first few sashings I made didn’t quite fit the blocks. My suspicions were correct: I had cut ALL blocks to the wrong size.

This annoyed me, for nothing would fit now, but also relieved me, as it meant I could now use plain strips for sashing and not have to piece hundreds of little triangles. Surely, I would still be working on those triangles today had I not had this “accident”.

Then came all these questions about how I was going to quilt this monster of a quilt. I tried different designs for each block but the quilt was heavy and difficult to maneuver. Anyway, I did what I could with the little knowledge I had about free motion quilting.

I don’t even remember when I actually finished this quilt, but I must have sewn the binding around October, just in time to have it ready to give to my parents when they visited in November.

We took the quilt for a photo shoot on a sunny but freezing morning. It was a big operation:

We need taller people in this family, that’s for sure.

This is the best shot we could manage.

Once they went home, my mum sent me this picture, which makes me very happy (although on that bed it looks tiny, for some weird reason).

And I’ll be able to see it next time I go home. 🙂