Birdseed quilt in progress

Birdseed quilt in progress

It has been 7 months since I last posted on this blog, which makes me wonder whether to keep it open or just get rid of it. This year has been busy at work, really busy, so even though I have continued to sew every now and then, it has not been with the intensity of other years. Posting online was simply out of the question.

Now that it’s summer and before it starts getting crazy once again, I thought I’d post some updates.

The birdseed quilt was a spur of the moment thing. I saw it on someone’s blog and found the pattern online (by Tula Pink). I started using leftover fabrics from my “four layer quilt” and Ana instantly claimed it for her. My parents were visiting us in November, so I got them straight to work on drawing the petals on interfacing. There were only 102 to draw!

Since there are only two types of blocks for this quilt progress was fast.

The coloring sheet came in very handy to keep track of blocks.

Lots of floor space was needed to play with the layout of the blocks.

When the top was finally done I forgot to photograph it. I started off quilting it but since Ana insisted that it needed to have four layers it got really difficult to quilt on my domestic brother machine. Do other people ever sew four layers? Is it just me? It is absolutely crazy, and that is why for months I have not done any more quilting. Moving the whole quilt around is so heavy that it’s not sustainable for longer than 20 minutes or so at a time.

Here’s what the quilting looks like. I have about 3 rows so far, 10 more to go. I like how the triangles and the seeds really pop up.

Maybe once the weather turns cold again (not for a long while, hopefully) it will come out of the closet to be quilted! For now, I can’t bear to face it.