The retro flower quilt

The retro flower quilt

The first time I saw the retro flower quilt was on Erica’s blog. Erica started taking classes at Laura’s Sewing School and I remember that her first project was two (not one) baby quilts. She was so much fun to have around, lively and enthusiastic and not afraid of any challenges. The retro flower quilt was the cutest thing I had ever seen but Erica had told us that she had bought special templates, or rulers or presser feet, I can’t remember now, but at the time it seemed to me that sewing curves was nearly impossible unless you were a pro.

I saw dozens of retro flower quilts on the internet, never daring to try, until I bought a quilting book where all projects had curves: “Angela Pingel’s‘ a Quilter’s Mixology. After doing a couple tries of this book I knew I was ready to tackle curves. I bought the pattern and got myself some fabrics during the Sewing Retreat.

This was a quick project (a small quilt too) because I found out what the secret to sewing curves was. You make it bigger than you need it to be and you trim it later. Well, there is a little bit of technique going on there, but basically the extra fabric and the cutting help enormously.

I made all the flowers in a combination of greens and pinks, as it was going to be gifted to my niece, who adores pink. I made one flower with embroidery floss and I backed it with an extra layer of batting so that it would puff out. (You can probably make it out on the terrible photo I took).

It was done in the months following the retreat and finished in time to take to Spain in the summer. I added a think pink line as a little border and finished it with grey binding (matching the background). The quilting was simple straight lines forming squares, I believe.

I think that my sister in law could be an interior designer, but you can judge for yourselves. Just look at the final picture with the quilt on my niece’s room.

If you are interested in making this quilt, check out the pattern by “Sometimes crafter” here.