New owls

New owls

Remember the owls I recently made with scraps I had around the house? Well, someone saw one of them and asked me to make one for an owl-themed baby shower. I went out to buy softer fabrics in more baby-friendly colors. My teacher mentioned she used something called “minky”. I know, funny name. It’s extremely soft and has bumps. If you look at the photo below, it’s the light pink fabric. I used it for some of the wings and the ears too. The green fabric is also soft and nice, and it has a diamond pattern. I am not sure what it’s called though.

minky buhos

I tried a couple of changes this time. For one of the owls I put some stuffing inside the wings and, in general, people I have asked have preferred them empty (as in the original pattern).

The second change was the pupils. These ones are shaped like diamonds and, in my opinion, cuter. They are sewed by machine, not by hand, which is always a plus.


Next post I’ll reveal my new summer dress. Stay tuned.