A while ago I sewed some cushions for our basement sofa bed and I had some left over fabric. Last week I decided to make one of those things to rest your feet on while on the couch. I hesitate to give it a name, because in Spain we call these puffs and my husband tends to correct me and add the final “e” (puffe, he stresses). In my sewing class I heard someone call it an Ottoman, but that sounds pretty luxurious to me. 

Not hard to make, but the height of mine was originally more than double the width (or so it seemed) and it reminded me of the leaning tower of Pisa. I cut the length considerably and now it looks better. 

As an added bonus, I got to use one of those Mathematical concepts you never imagined you would use in real life. I am talking about Pi, remember it from school? I know, it’s common sense if you think of it, but it never crossed my mind when trying to figure out the size of the circle. (Dad and Kate please don’t judge me!)