The Paris Bag

The Paris Bag

I haven’t posted in a while, which doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy sewing away. My feather quilt is finished but I am waiting for a good picture to post. I have been working on more placemats, a little coin purse and more, but let’s take it one step at a time.

Today I’ll show you my new bag, the Paris Bag. It was created because my mother in law wanted a new bag to replace her “go-to” bag. She was very specific, she wanted something just like what she already had, but new. It had to have neutral colors and be quite roomy (think about all the candy grandmas carry along for grandchildren, glasses and their cases, tissues, etc.). We went to the fabric store when she was here in August so that she could choose for herself, and we got a beige color Paris themed fabric with a burgundy canvas to complement it.

Making the bag was actually quite fun, as I recycled ideas and skills I had used in my bird bags and the weekender tote (sewing concepts make much more sense the fifth or sixth time around!).

Here is a description of what the Paris bag has:

Top closure with zipper.


Outside pocket with magnetic closure, interior zippered pocket, and my label. 🙂


More pockets inside.


I had just enough fabric to make three bags (I believe I bought a yard of the main fabric) so once the first one was finished, and all measurements and steps duly written down, it was easy to do the next two. (I wish I knew how to take good photos of objects. It’s not like I can blame them for moving).

Finally, there are two models, the one with a triangle formed by the burgundy at the bottom of the bag and the straight one. Which one do you prefer? Recent polls show a tie between the two.