Meet my Kindle

Meet my Kindle




A few weeks ago I received a Paperwhite Kindle on the mail. It came in one of those amazon boxes (the ones with the smile printed on) but it didn’t say who it was from. It turns out, as I suspected, that it was a belated birthday present from my sister in Spain. I didn’t think I needed a Kindle, but I actually love it. It fits nicely in my handbag, it’s not heavy, and I can read while I wait for my daughter at the bus stop. Yes, sometimes you need to be antisocial and do a little reading instead.

I was excited to be able to sew a Kindle cover for moi, and I remembered that I had bought some gorgeous fabrics for no specific purpose, so it made perfect sense that I should use them for my cover. Here are the results. I played with the pattern to make sure that it was a snug fit (other Kindle covers I made were a bit loose) and it all worked well. 

Kindle3 Kindle4

The elastic is shiny satin on one side, so that makes it extra special. I like the way one of the birds ended up with a long beak, as I couldn’t find a better way to match the piece that hides the elastic. 😉

I have now been commissioned to make another Kindle cover for a teenage boy in Spain. I am used to buying fabrics for little kids, but not for older ones, so I hope that my choice is good. I’ll post some pictures once it is done. Can anyone guess what I am reading? Hint: it’s a classic!