Staying warm in winter

Staying warm in winter

This year didn’t start quite as I expected. We had the freezing cold (boy, how crazy was that?), my suitcase got lost, classes started earlier than ever and Pete was going to Japan for a week. I spent most of last week on “mission mode”, plan, prepare, execute, and work, work, work.

This weekend however, I more than made up for it. I finished two pair of pyjamas (one for Tomás and one for my nephew Joseph). You will recognize the pattern as it is the one I ALWAYS use for pyjamas, so it’s fairly automatic to make by now.



Then I made a new robe for Tomás (just over 3 hours it took me, from start to finish – pieces had been cut already). You may remember that he had the “psychedelic” robe that he adored, and the only good thing about my suitcase being lost was that psychedelic robe was in it! This time I chose the fabric myself, one that matched his backpack and lunchbox, so I knew that he would like it. Here is the much better version of the robe:

bata azul

As you can see things are starting to get better. Pete chose to shop for fabrics for the first time in his life in Japan! He brought me three really nice pieces for me and a Hello Kitty one for Ana. We were both very excited. Well done, Pete! You can go back to Japan anytime… wait, no, I take it back.


Japanese fabrics and my fancy photograph cropping

On Friday I got a call in my office from an English number. It was someone at Heathrow asking if I had lost a suitcase. Apparently it was sent to London from Boston because they couldn’t figure out what to do with it, and lost cases from BA end up there. The guy opened it and thankfully saw my work folder with my syllabus in it and thought of calling me! Never mind that we had filed a claim with details of all the contents; the people in London didn’t know about it…. mmmm, long story short, finally this morning the case finally came home.

Everything was there, my clothes, my boots, the presents, the placemats, and yes, you guessed it, even the psychedelic robe!!!!