Warm and massive

Warm and massive

Warm and massive are the only two words that come to mind if I try to describe my new dressing gown. I definitely wanted warm, that’s for sure, but when I chose an extra-small size I did not think the end result would drown me like it does.

This material is called bonded micro-fleece, and it’s made out of two different fabrics. If you pull at them you can almost separate them. I liked the idea of combining the two colors for fun.

The pattern was NewLook 6233 and it turned out to be fairly easy to use. I sewed most of it with the serger, which is the fastest way.

6233Things I didn’t like: the pockets (what are they expecting you to carry on those? They are enormous) and the overall roominess of the whole gown. Saying that, it is definitely an improvement from what I had until now to wear around the house.

bata grisAs a language note I would say that other sewers in the class looked at me puzzled when I told them I was making a dressing gown. I think they call it a bathrobe here, but it’s not for the bath or the pool so I can’t call it that. The word “robe” by itself makes me think of a king’s robe, and mine is definitely not so glamorous. So dressing gown it is (although why they call it that also escapes me!).