What I’ve been working on

My house is full of many projects at different stages, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a quick update of what I have been working on lately.

First there’s the Japanese/Chinese style shirt for me with the fabric I got from Japan. This is going well, although slowly. I did all the cutting and placed an invisible zipper on the back. This sounds tricky but it was actually easy to do. I love how the two back parts are matching so that you can barely see the seam.

back japanese

If you look closely you should be able to spot the tab for the zipper at the top (just below the neck opening).

But then, no piece of clothing (other than pyjamas) is ever easy to make. Take a look at the collar pieces for this shirt.

collar japanese

What you see there is at least 7 pieces that you need to make the collar. Is this really necessary? you may wonder. I wondered that too, and apparently they are all necessary. The curved pieces that you see with binding on are the actual collar that you will see standing up. The rest is just going to be on the inside. I also had trouble visualizing how it would all fit in place. You see, I hadn’t realized that you can’t just have one piece for the collar because the back of the shirt is open, therefore the collar needs to be open at the back too.

Another cool thing about this shirt is that I will be using something called “frog closures”, which are used instead of buttons.  I couldn’t find any in the stores and didn’t want to buy them online only to find out they were too big/small/weird. So I found a video of how to make your own and started practicing. Here are my samples.

frogsfrog japanese

I went with the one with all the pins in. I made three of those and three of those balls to match. I haven’t sewed them yet, but I hope to be able to show you the whole finished product next week.

Other than the shirt I am also busy trying to finish my miniquilt, making an experiment with another quilt pattern and trying to decide what to do with this gorgeous fabric my friend Lucia brought me from Argentina.


It would look much better if it wasn’t creased and hanging off a chair. I love the colors and so far most people say I should do a skirt. The fabric is thick and woolen, like nothing I have used before for sewing. If you have any other ideas of how to use it other than a skirt please let me know.