From small to tiny (leggings)

From small to tiny (leggings)

There are many gifted people out there. Someone thought of a brilliant way to transform a knee sock into tights for a doll. You only need to use one sock, sew it in the middle to make two legs and cut away…

Ana was desperate to get some clothes done for her American Girl doll, and for me to do that I would have to spend time looking for patterns and figuring out how to do it. Luckily I found a video that explained about these tights, and it looked easy. I knew I had some old leggings of Ana’s, which were too small to fit, so we quickly sat down to work on our “experiment”. It took almost no time (honestly, about 5 minutes). Here is how you start, by trying one leg onto both of the doll’s legs.


Sew in the middle all the way up to the crotch and back down (leaving a gap in between). Cut through the gap in between the legs. Finish the waist. Voilá: you are done!



This was our first attempt, not bad huh? I managed to keep the lace at the bottom and it still worked!

The next pair we tried is the French look, stripes and capri length (the original had a hole on the knee so we couldn’t make them longer). Adorable, don’t you think?