Jeans to shorts

Jeans to shorts

It’s that time of year when you try to put away winter clothes and get the fun summer ones out for you and your kids. In the process you give away everything that your little ones have outgrown in an effort to de-clutter wardrobes. Ana had a pair of skinny jeans that were too tight for her and they had already been patched up in the knees, but she was dubious about parting with them. I suggested we made them into shorts and she loved the idea.

Here is what I did. Got the old jeans and cut them up (aligned the two legs and cut in one go – I had nothing to lose).

shortstojeans1      shortstojeans2

Then I added a new hem made of normal fabric by sewing it to the bottom of the shorts.


Once sewn I pressed it downwards making sure the seams went up and then topstitched them in place. Next I wanted to cover one of the back pockets with the same fabric to match the hem. There was no way I could stitch in the pocket with my machine, so my solution was to sew through both the pocket and the back of the shorts, so you can’t open the pocket anymore. I don’t see why this would be a problem (she still has three other pockets to stick her hands in) and it looks fabulous.


The last part was a patchwork belt (I always secretly wanted to make one of these for me) so as an experiment I made one. In hindsight I would have made it a bit thicker (it’s just about an inch wide) but it still works well.


Here is the finished product. Unfortunately the weather is not quite yet summery enough, so I couldn’t get any shots outside. Ana can’t wait to wear them.